Superior Taste


Patent Protected

Quick Winterization Process


Herring, capelin and mackerel are wild caught in Icelandic waters for human consumption. The fisheries are carefully conducted and regarded as responsible and sustainable.


Fresh crude fish oil is processed from capelin, herring and mackerel in Icelandic fishmeal factories.


The fresh fish oil is refined for human consumption. A vital part of refining is the quick winterization process, patented by Margildi.


The end product is fully refined high quality natural fish oil.



Margildi is a startup company that has developed new refining method to produce fish oil, omega-3 for human consumption. We currently focus on fish oil processed from pelagic fish originated out of the clear waters of the Arctic North-Atlantic sea such as capelin, herring and mackerel. Margildi is capable of fully refining the said fish oils which have very high stearin content.  We have developed our new patented Quick Winterization Process for this purpose.


Award Winning Innovation


Margildi has gained a lot of positive attention for it’s refining method and omega-3 fish oil products from capelin, herring and mackerel. During the Seafood Conference Iceland 2015, Margildi was awarded “Svifaldan” as The Most Innovative Idea of the Year for the concept of Marlýsi.

High Quality

Fish Oil Products


Tasty Fish Oil


Tasty Fish Oil


Tasty Fish Oil


Excellent Sensory Properties

  • Low taste and odour – no need for flavour masking

  • Enables sophisticated flavouring if required

  • Superior oxidative stability

Primary Application

  • Functional food

  • Supplements


Fresh Raw Materials

Margildi emphasizes on the purity of its products and the quality of raw materials. Margildi sources crude oil from food grade certified fishmeal factories in Iceland. The original raw material are off-cuts from fresh pelagic fish, wild caught in the pristine and unpolluted North-Atlantic Ocean surrounding Iceland.

Our fish oils are tasty, have low oxidation levels and contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids including EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Icelandic fisheries are carefully conducted and regarded as responsible and sustainable, herring and capelin fisheries being MSC certified.




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